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I started my culinary journey some 40 years ago. With a desire to create unique flavours in food, I ventured into a culinary school where I was taught how to learn from others and continue to do so to the day. I have been fortunate in my life to have worked with some great chefs and very knowledgeable kitchen staff from all over the world, and each had a lesson for me to learn.

With a creative passion for flavour, I set out to learn the flavours of the world, and cooking techniques from all levels of chefs. The ability to flavour foods successfully comes from the heart. It is not a measured amount of this or that, it is a feeling of love for the enjoyment of food.

Jumpin' Johnny’s “Hot Sauce” was created when I wanted hot and spicy and the rest of the family did not. With a desire to gain the best flavour, a 3-month trial and error campaign began. A little of this and a lot of that, eventually resulting in a sauce that everyone can enjoy. I use it on every meal, a little hot sauce poured onto the side of my plate and then “cut and dunk”, (ketchup for grown ups).

I entered a Salsa contest at one point and won the blue ribbon. I was subsequently asked where it could be bought... And thus began the popular “Fresh Cut Salsa” now available in over 100 stores throughout BC.

For me, the endless variety of foods to make and discover allow me to continue creating new sauces for you to enjoy in all manners of dining pleasure.

It’s all about the flavour, not the heat!

Jumpin' Johnny