Buenos Dias!

The goal of my little, growing company is to make natural and healthy snacks and condiments that are exciting and tasty.

At Jumpin' Johnny's the thought of having people enjoy the foods I create is the drive behind the company! Having the ability to make wonderful flavours, using locally sourced ingredients, with an - if I can't pronounce it, I don't use it! - policy, has been a staple in my training.

The tomatoes I use are Canadian grown from Markham Ontario, the herbs and spices are Non-Radiated & Imported from around the world to Maple Ridge. My vegetable vendor is a local importer that sources out fresh BC grown vegetables for me. The Cayenne pepper base is an age-old recipe from Louisiana, where "HOT SAUCE" was invented. I am not about to re-invent the wheel, those guys have known how to brine peppers in oak barrels for years, creating the base I use today.